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Live-in Care Services

Live-in Care Services

At Warwick Care Services For You Ltd, our live-in care services enable, and support service users to stay in their own homes, maintain their routines and retaining a level of independence while still receiving the care and support they need. For many people, home means everything, it’s part of who they are. Live-in care allows them to keep that crucial element of their life with an increased range of better health outcomes.

Live-in care involves a dedicated, full-time, carer moving into the home to support with care needs as well as domestic tasks. 

It’s the new standard for elderly care, allowing your loved one to remain as independent as possible while remaining a cost-effective alternative to more traditional care options. 

Warwick Care Services For You Ltd will ensure that all employees providing a live-in service, provide safe, reliable care which is informed by best practice principles. The care delivered will be responsive to the Service User and will aim to support Service Users to live as independently as possible; to express their own views and preferences; to make choices and decisions. Warwick Care Services For You Ltd will ensure that employees are well trained, competent, supervised and matched to meet Service User needs, wishes and expectations.

If you’re looking at care options for a loved one but are uncomfortable with the idea of sending them into a residential or nursing home, live-in care could be the ideal solution, with fees starting at £998 per week for a single individual and £1,250 per week for a couple.

We know that deciding on the best care for your loved one can be a challenging task, so we’ve detailed everything you need to know about live-in care.


The benefits of live-in care

Financial benefits

Social benefits 

Health benefits 

Lifestyle Benefits 

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Who chooses live-in care?

Live-in care costs

With every plan, we will:

  • Match you with a trusted, quality carer.
  • Get care in place quickly if your needs are urgent.
  • Provide you with your own dedicated Family Support Specialist to provide ongoing help and guidance.
  • Ensure you only ever pay for the care you need – with no hidden charges or extra costs on bank holidays.
  • Give you access to your own Warwick Care Services For You Ltd online account where you can manage your care, review carer information, and find useful resources

We’ll always respect your needs and preferences whenmatching you with a carer. For example, if you need someone that can walk yourdog, or cook for specific dietary requirements, we’ll work hard to find a career with the right skills and make a match you can feel good about.

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As a Care provider, Warwick Care Services For You Ltd has a significant opportunity to create social value: meaning more jobs, stronger local economies, healthier residents, vibrant communities and supporting an environmentally sustainable future. We define social value as the value that stakeholders experience through changes in their lives and its benefits to society which are generated from activities.

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